Our Team Profile

Yanett Maurice

Administrative Support

Established an interest in the Real Estate industry from an early age and under the guidance of her real estate orientated parents Jose Luis and Pilar Mendoza, commenced in the real estate industry as a full-time property manager.

Yanett is a well-organised person, bringing to her role boundless energy and enthusiasm. She willingly offers great advice to property owners, from the financial benefits they can achieve from their investment, to assistance with renovating and property repairs. Her willingness to share this expertise with her clients is one of her special qualities. Yanett always endeavours to achieve the very best for her landlords, and this is reflected in one of the lowest vacancy rates in the area, as well as achieving some of the highest rental prices around.

Yanett’s involvement in the community has seen her assist in various charity events throughout the years, her favourites being "Daffodil Day and Jeans for Genes Day".

Take the stress out of owning an investment, and put your property in the hands of a professional with many years local knowledge and real estate experience. Make sure you’re getting what your property is really worth!